Welcome to the bright side of nanotechnology and skin research!   

Welcome to the research group of Prof. Dr. Cornelia M. Keck in Marburg.

We care about nanotechnology!

We are curious about nanoscience!

We are striving for the translation of science into patients’ needs! 

Research activities include:

1. Development, characterisation and optimisation of nanocarrier based drug delivery systems

  • Nanocrystals for improved delivery of poorly water-soluble actives
  • Lipid nanoparticles und nanoemulsions for improved delivery of lipophilic actives
  • smartFilms & tablets made from paper for improved delivery of lipophilic and poorly water-soluble actives
  • PlantCrystals - green formulation principle for the production of highly efficient & environmentally friendly plant extracts

2. Formulation development of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical formulations

  • liquid formulations
  • semi-solid formulations
  • solid formulations

3. Application tests 

  • ex-vivo prediction of oral bioavailability
  • ex- vivo prediction of dermal penetration efficacy 
  • ex-vivo testing of bio-physical skin properties

skin section of untreated skin

skin section of skin

treated with curcumin

classical formulation principle

skin section of skin

treated with curcumin

innovative formulation principle [1]

 [1] Pelikh O., Keck, C.M. EP 21205288 (2021)