Welcome to the bright side of Nanotechnology!    

Welcome to the research group of Prof. Dr. Cornelia M. Keck in Marburg.



  • is the science and technology of small things. 
  • It uses the fact that the properties of many materials change when the size reaches the nanometer scale.

We use nanotechnology 

  • to improve the efficacy of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical actives. 

We develop tailor-made nanocarriers:

  • to improve the shelf life of chemicallly labile actives
  • to improve the solubility of poorly soluble actives
  • to improve the penetration of actives
  • to increase the bioavailability of actives

Our carriers can be formulated in different ways, examples are: 

  • tablets, capsules
  • creams, gels
  • liquids, sprays, foams

The nanocarrier-based formulations can by applied in many different ways, examples are:

  • oral administration
  • dermal administration
  • occular administration
  • intraveneous administration
  • pulmonal administration


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